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The ultimate guide to Dodge & Burn

The concept of ‘dodge and burn’ is not new. When people predominantly used a chemical process it was common practice to manually filter out the light exposing the paper to either let the light ‘burn’ into the paper. The more light, the darker the exposure is. The same idea is used to make something lighter. Blocking the […]

Dodge & Burn – With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

If you split an image into its most basic components, you can look at each pixel as the sum of the following info: Brightness Color Tone Saturation If we look at a black and white photo for example, one only element present in the photo is brightness. So any three-dimensionality is determined exclusively by the (relative) […]

An Exercise In Dodge & Burn: Turning A Golf Ball Into A Pingpong Ball

Dodge & Burn (fondly called D&B) are one of the simplest and most powerful techniques that you can use in retouching. One of the interesting uses of D&B is the answer to the following question: “How can I get blemishes off my model?”. If you break this down to the basic components this is a […]