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Pretty girls make lousy models

When shooting fashion or beauty for an editorial/commercial market the most important thing will be the team – NO EXCEPTIONS MODEL will be the most important part of this team – The subject of your images. This is something that aspiring photographers take a lot of time to understand and find a lot of excuses around […]

Using the iPhone 7+ images as a texture grabbing toolkit

Last week I created my latest entry for The Dark Realm Collective’s Winter ArtPack. Go check out the amazing other creations the talented artists made for this pack. I want to talk about how I created the image in photoshop. As a digital artist I use a plethora of different stock images (like the fine […]

Photoshop power tip: use transform again to create complex patterns

The transformation tool in Photoshop is quite mighty. You can rotate, flip, stretch, squeeze and distort your selection. Here is a less known secret: With this little trick you can repeat the last transformation as a copy – so you can build all kinds of complex ornaments, wings and patterns within seconds. Here is how to […]

How Vanishing Points Work And How To Apply Them In Photoshop For Perfect Perspective

Hold on, we are going to show you what’s that weird point inside your transformation is. As most of the people who are doing image manipulation art, I find myself struggle with backgrounds – especially when it comes to creepy surreal backgrounds. I was building my own room in Photoshop – and it turned out […]

On Cliches And Photo Ideas

If you go through Flickr galleries and popular photo, model mayhem or Facebook photography groups, some photographs keep popping up. You see them again and again to the point you just want to scream. Not necessarily because they are bad, but rather because they are lacking any clear photographic idea. As deeper you dive into the […]

Gear Does Matter, But Not How You Thought It Does

The most popular (and worn out) “advice” given to aspiring photographers is probably “It doesn’t matter which camera you use”. But is that really true? A while back ran a little experiment, which involved the comparison of two images: one was shot with an iPhone, one with a Hasselblad. The results did in fact support the […]