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The free Photoshop clone PHOTOPEA in a serious test

A few days ago I’ve heard about a browser-based Photoshop clone. Of course, I had to test it – not only because I love these crazy projects, but it was also because of my background as web developer some years ago. So I visited the Webpage and enjoyed what I saw: A in browser Photoshop […]

We are giving away over $1,000 in Compositing Goodies

If you are passionate about compositing, you’ll wanna hear this. We teamed up with the best companies in the world to bring you a sweepstake that will kickstart your compositing career. Or, if you are already knee-deep, it will give you a serious boost. Raw Exchange’s Compositing giveaway We teamed up with Skylum, Loupedeck, and […]

10 steps to creating an indoor jungle

Last year my friend Marsha invited me to this crazy Victorian mansion along with a small handful of awesome photographers and models to hang out and make some art … Obviously I said, “heck yesss.” The house was a gold mine of strange colorful rooms full of interesting wall paper, decorative trimmings, and some gorgeous natural […]

9 steps to create a magic portal with photoshop

Over the years as my style and visual preferences have evolved, I’ve noticed that I’m kind of completely and utterly obsessed with any sort of float-y particle/dust/speckle/orb/bokeh/grit. Acceptance is the first step …. to NOT CARING AT ALL! :) I really love the way dust can add so much motion, texture, and interest to the […]

Lighting set-up: a simple portrait with a deep octabox and a background flash

Lighting set-up with an octabox and concealed light

This portrait was created using two flashes: a 100cm deep octabox to the right of the camera, and a second flash with a normal reflector positioned behind the model to light the background. This is a very simple set-up when you consider a few things. The main light—the deep octabox—is relatively far away from the […]