Why do I need to sign up?
We offer free and commercial textures. To issue a proper invoice for our customers and to enable downloads on a later date we need you to log in for identification.
I forgot my password
Too bad. but this happens, no worries! You can reset your password here.
I do not have PAYPAL
You can pay by credit card via PayPal without registering to PayPal. We do not offer payment by invoice or wire, having the system automated is how we can keep overhead to a minimum, which in turn means low prices for you.
I did not get any email, where I can find my downloads?
This can occur; some providers do not like our emails. Sometimes you can find the mail in the spam bin. Fret not; your files are not lost. You can access them via the My Account page.
The download does not work
Please wait a bit and try again. These are big files, and our servers rarely get overloaded, but when we release a popular package, we are bombarded. If you get a 404 error, this is our fault; please contact us here.
Are the brushes compatible with Gimp?
No, the brushes will be delivered in .abr format and can only be used with Adobe Photoshop.
The license says "the files cannot be used in a product offered for sale where the item contributes to the core value of the product being sold", what does that mean?
This is legal speak that means that you cannot redistribute the files as-is or as a part of a different package. If you add your value to a photo (say, use it in a composite), you are, of course, free to sell it.
Can I use download managers to get the files?
Sadly no. Download managers put a significant strain on our servers, opening hundreds of simultaneous connections. This impacts those who are trying to download “regularly”, so we can not support them.

If your problem is not listed here or the suggested solution doesn’t work, please contact our support here. If available, please include your order number and use the email address you also use for the store. Thanks.