The free Photoshop clone PHOTOPEA in a serious test

A few days ago I’ve heard about a browser-based Photoshop clone. Of course, I had to test it – not only because I love these crazy projects, but it was also because of my background as web developer some years ago. So I visited the Webpage and enjoyed what I saw: A in browser Photoshop […]

The Winners of the Fantasy Photoshop Contest

The Raw Exchange Fantasy Photoshop Contest has come to a close and we received some perfectly magical entries of all kinds. It was really cool to see how all the participants went in such different directions under the umbrella of the fantasy theme. This was an extremely hard contest to judge because there were many standout […]

Why you should always be on a textures lookout + Sleeping Beauty and The Frog Prince crossover

I find that I’m always subconsciously looking for my next photo idea or at least something to be used in editing. Even when I don’t think that I’m thinking about photography, the creative side of my noggin is always waiting right at the edge of my brain to strike when it sees something of interest. One of […]

The Raw Exchange Fantasy Photoshop Contest

Well the Raw Exchange Science Fiction Photoshop contest was a big success – we received some really great images! Now it’s time to switch those creative Photoshop skills over to the realms of fantasy. That’s right – dragons, wizards, elves, knights, and castles galore! We want to see all kinds of magical fairytales. The Raw Exchange team […]