10 steps to creating an indoor jungle

Last year my friend Marsha invited me to this crazy Victorian mansion along with a small handful of awesome photographers and models to hang out and make some art … Obviously I said, “heck yesss.” The house was a gold mine of strange colorful rooms full of interesting wall paper, decorative trimmings, and some gorgeous natural […]

9 steps to create a magic portal with photoshop

Over the years as my style and visual preferences have evolved, I’ve noticed that I’m kind of completely and utterly obsessed with any sort of float-y particle/dust/speckle/orb/bokeh/grit. Acceptance is the first step …. to NOT CARING AT ALL! :) I really love the way dust can add so much motion, texture, and interest to the […]

Multi-light stock images of models. Yes! You can manage it in Photoshop!


We spend quite a bit of time thinking about how to make our image files more versatile, or easier to use for composite artists. While we might spend a lot of time experimenting and the results never see the light of day again, we do also manage to create image files that make it to […]

Banding – everything you need to know in a nutshell


We’ve all been there: you sit on a picture forever, bored of retouching, and then when you do get around to it strange things start to show up in it. Like odd rings of graduated color. These rings of color are called banding. They are nothing more than tonal breaks but before I explain where […]

How to use saturation masks to extract complex objects

There are plenty of functions for masking in Photoshop, and each of them is useful in its own way. Whether it’s color selection,  focus masks, the new and kinda annoying mask-and-select dialogue or my beloved channel selection (you can read more about colors and selections on our color tutorial). If you are following our blog, you […]

Pretty girls make lousy models

When shooting fashion or beauty for an editorial/commercial market the most important thing will be the team – NO EXCEPTIONS MODEL will be the most important part of this team – The subject of your images. This is something that aspiring photographers take a lot of time to understand and find a lot of excuses around […]

Sand Goddess – a complete composite walkthrough

I’ve just finished my newest composite, Sand Goddess. After the last composite walkthrough was so well received, I thought that I would do the same thing again for this one. The concept: A mysterious ruin lies among desert sands. It is looked over by a dark deity, who protects the sacred space with spies and angry sand […]