Pretty girls make lousy models

When shooting fashion or beauty for an editorial/commercial market the most important thing will be the team – NO EXCEPTIONS MODEL will be the most important part of this team – The subject of your images. This is something that aspiring photographers take a lot of time to understand and find a lot of excuses around […]

Sand Goddess – a complete composite walkthrough

I’ve just finished my newest composite, Sand Goddess. After the last composite walkthrough was so well received, I thought that I would do the same thing again for this one. The concept: A mysterious ruin lies among desert sands. It is looked over by a dark deity, who protects the sacred space with spies and angry sand […]

Using the iPhone 7+ images as a texture grabbing toolkit

Last week I created my latest entry for The Dark Realm Collective’s Winter ArtPack. Go check out the amazing other creations the talented artists made for this pack. I want to talk about how I created the image in photoshop. As a digital artist I use a plethora of different stock images (like the fine […]

Lighting set-up: a simple portrait with a deep octabox and a background flash

Lighting set-up with an octabox and concealed light

This portrait was created using two flashes: a 100cm deep octabox to the right of the camera, and a second flash with a normal reflector positioned behind the model to light the background. This is a very simple set-up when you consider a few things. The main light—the deep octabox—is relatively far away from the […]

Add hand painted backgrounds to your photos in seconds with this digital trick

Some of the iconic portrait photographers, like Annie Leibovitz have a very common look for their studio portraits, they are shot against a hand painted textured backdrop. You know what I am talking about. Those gorgeous backdrops with random soft patters. Those backdrops are hand painted on canvas (just like works of art), and show great […]