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90 stock photos of a male steampunk model
Shot on a gray backdrop for easy compositing
Time Travel not covered under warranty

30 high-resolution jpg files
Fierce, angry and ready for action
On gray and simple light for easy composition


Real Wings

Real wings made with real feathers
20 PNG24 pre-isolated files
High resolution files (2000px-6000px)

28 high-resolution photos of a nuclear fallout team
on a neutral gray background for easy extraction
various angles and focal lengths

45 high-resolution photos of a robot from the 50's
on a neutral gray background for easy extraction
various angles and focal lengths


1 multi-light background "Alien"
5 sitting multi-light dragons files
16 bit PSD, pre masked

77 dragons and walkers
Multi-light with adjustable lights
Pre masked PSD-Files

69 high-res images of Epic Heroes
Shot against gray background
Five team members in various poses to play with



Rated 5.00 out of 5

92 masked out birds as .psd files
competing with Hitchcock's The Birds variety
7.8 GB download
preview jpg files

35 jpg Files
600 MB
Shot against a clean background for easy selection


Jamari Lior 2 Stock Package

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Jamari Lior Stock photos
44 high-resolution JPGs
600MB download

25 medium format RAWs
Great for high end retouching practice
Can use for your retouching portfolio (see product description)