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90 stock photos of a male steampunk model
Shot on a gray backdrop for easy compositing
Time Travel not covered under warranty


30 high-resolution jpg files
Fierce, angry and ready for action
On gray and simple light for easy composition


Real Wings


Real wings made with real feathers
20 PNG24 pre-isolated files
High resolution files (2000px-6000px)


28 high-resolution photos of a nuclear fallout team
on a neutral gray background for easy extraction
various angles and focal lengths


45 high-resolution photos of a robot from the 50's
on a neutral gray background for easy extraction
various angles and focal lengths

$60.00 $40.00

Game of Thrones ultimate fan bundle
83 Multilight-Files (Backgrounds, Dragons, Walkers)
18GB Download
16 bit PSD-Files, pre-masked and depth channel included

$15.00 $10.50

1 multi-light background "Alien"
5 sitting multi-light dragons files
16 bit PSD, pre masked


77 dragons and walkers
Multi-light with adjustable lights
Pre masked PSD-Files


69 high-res images of Epic Heroes
Shot against gray background
Five team members in various poses to play with

Out of stock

21 ready masked stocks
Androids, Space Rangers, intergalactic stuff
Goodiebag for “The Chamber”



Rated 5.00 out of 5

92 masked out birds as .psd files
competing with Hitchcock's The Birds variety
7.8 GB download
preview jpg files


150 stock photos of Jamari Lior
Shot against a clean background for easy selection
high-resolution JPGs

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