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The ultimate guide to Dodge & Burn

The concept of ‘dodge and burn’ is not new. When people predominantly used a chemical process it was common practice to manually filter out the light exposing the paper to either let the light ‘burn’ into the paper. The more light, the darker the exposure is. The same idea is used to make something lighter. Blocking the […]

Multi-light stock images of models. Yes! You can manage it in Photoshop!


We spend quite a bit of time thinking about how to make our image files more versatile, or easier to use for composite artists. While we might spend a lot of time experimenting and the results never see the light of day again, we do also manage to create image files that make it to […]

Sand Goddess – a complete composite walkthrough

I’ve just finished my newest composite, Sand Goddess. After the last composite walkthrough was so well received, I thought that I would do the same thing again for this one. The concept: A mysterious ruin lies among desert sands. It is looked over by a dark deity, who protects the sacred space with spies and angry sand […]