Are you ready to test out your Photoshop skills and flex your creativity muscles!? Well, we have just the thing for you.

The RAW Exchange Sci-fi Photoshop Contest!

Basically, we are so excited about one of the images Robert Cornelius created for his “Epic Compositing” tutorial and we just want to see more killer science fiction imagery.

The Raw Exchange Team is going to provide you with images to use to create a science fiction scene, and then the winners will receive some exciting prizes.

Follow this link to a specialty limited time offer of four sci-fi packages at a drastically reduced rate. These images will be the building blocks to your science fiction masterpieces.

However, if you’re a little short on cash, FEAR NOT! We want everyone to play along, so we’ve provided some images from each of the packs in this offer for free that can be used to create your entry if you are just in it for the art. You can download those freebies here.


1. You must use at least one image from 2 of the packs in the offer above (or two of the free images provided), but are welcome to use more. You can do absolutely anything with them that your brain/skills will allow.
2. You may use any of your own images or other stock images in addition to those provided, as long as you have the legal rights to use them.
3. You may enter more than one image, but only one may be chosen as a winner.
4. The judging criteria will be as follows: adherence to the theme, overall impact, creativity, and Photoshop skill.
5. We encourage you to post your images to Facebook and Instagram and tag us. Also, use #RAWexContest to spread the word!
6. Entries must be completed by July 31, 2018, and submitted to the showcase for The Sci-Fi freebie to be considered for the contest. To submit, hit this link and submit your showcase under the “The RAW Exchange Sci-fi Photoshop Contest” package (make sure you downloaded the package first).


The Grand prize winner will get a free copy of the “Epic Compositing with Robert Cornelius” tutorial, as well as a $100 credit to the store.
2nd and 3rd place winners will each receive a $30 credit to the store.

Recommendations from the Pros


Alice’s Garden


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12 lighting moods, mix and match freely
Depth and sky channels


300 files in over 11GB
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Backgrounds, Textures, Ambient Effects & Stocks
Everything for creepy, gloomy & morbid composing

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Retouching Toolkit

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Retouching Tools for Professionals
Photoshop CC+
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Elements Bundle

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Over 900 files and textures
Up to 36 MP resolution jpg files
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Average rating of all bundled packages:
Rated 4.8 out of 5

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