What people say about V2.0:

The Retouching Toolkit 3.0

The Retouching Toolkit 3.0 is not just an upgrade to V2.0 – it’s completely rewritten! The Retouching Toolkit 3.0 is something very different to all the panels you know.

The modular design allows fast updates, easy customization and a bullet proof framework for future modules.
A Standalone Software allows to import setups, share them with other Toolkit users and take advantage of others who share their setups. You simply create your own Photoshop Panels based on the breathtaking scripts from Toolkit, but also from your own Photoshop actions, presets, tools and menu items.

It was never easier to speed up your workflow.

Retouching Toolkit 3.0 is a game changer. That’s safe to say.


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