The Raw Exchange Fantasy Photoshop Contest has come to a close and we received some perfectly magical entries of all kinds. It was really cool to see how all the participants went in such different directions under the umbrella of the fantasy theme.

This was an extremely hard contest to judge because there were many standout entries that were all wonderful for different reasons, but after a long debate the winner has been chosen and we would like to congratulate…


Javier Alejandro!!!

Javier really shined in this contest and was definitely not going down without a fight. He entered not one, not two, NOT THREE, but four truly top-notch pieces. His first place crown was undeniable – the only problem was choosing which of his entries beat out the others! We decided that his ridiculously badass spike-y armored warrior entry won him the first place spot. Between the details he edited into the costume (which was added in post), the epic clouds, and the movie-poster-esque color toning, this entry is a fantasy masterpiece.

Just because his other entries didn’t win doesn’t mean you should shouldn’t oogle their fantasy goodness, so here are his other three images for your viewing pleasure. Incredible job, Javier!


The first runner up was a tough slot to pick, or so we thought…. Three of the entries that were being considered turned out to all be created by the same artist! It was back and forth between a few images, but then we discovered they were all from one participant – that made our job of picking a second place winner much easier!

Congrats Karen Vermeulen of Dreamlikepix!!


We really enjoyed how whimsical all Karen’s entries were, particularly this image of a tiny girl reading. The environment she’s created is just lovely, there is so much to look at and discover, and we love the light pouring down onto this magical little world. The pops of purple throughout were a great choice as well.


The final runner up was just as difficult to discern since we had many very strong entries to pick from, but after much consideration we would like to congratulate…


Really great work on this lovely elf warrior. The warm light falling on her face from the glowing butterfly looks great, and the dark green background really makes the subject pop.

Wonderful work, everyone – we can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Stay tuned for the theme of our next contest. While you wait and wonder what it could be, enjoy some of these other wonderful entries to the Fantasy contest:

We will contact the winners to give them their awesome prizes!

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  1. Karen Vermeulen says:

    Congratulations to the winner , great work . Thanks for giving me the second place and the beautiful comments on my work . Looking forward for the next challenge !

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