The Raw Exchange Halloween Photoshop Contest has come to a closeץ We go some horrifyingly good composites. I did not sleep for nights.. (this is why this announcement has been delayed ;) ). It is always magic to me to see how individual elements combine together to be a single holistic work of art. It still feels magical. It was interesting to see how many different interpretations the community had to  Halloween and Horror.

And now without further ado, here are the winners of the  Raw Exchange Halloween Photoshop Contest, as selected by our guest judge, Dracorubio:

3rd place – Alicyn Drew

I like how clean this image is. Lots of details like the faces in the background and the teeth.
This composite has a very clear idea and story and is done very well

2 place – Ace Harrison

This one is okay, lots of RawEx stock (maybe all??) It all fits as a whole and could be a moviemovie postersure.

Winner – Charlie D. Picture Productions

This one was the overall best image in totall. The composition is solid, use of textures and stock is odd cool. The whole scene is odd and weird. Its not made of 100% RawEx stock I think, but the everything blends well.

Have a look at the entries

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