Hold on, we are going to show you what’s that weird point inside your transformation is.

As most of the people who are doing image manipulation art, I find myself struggle with backgrounds – especially when it comes to creepy surreal backgrounds.

I was building my own room in Photoshop – and it turned out very well (tapping self on the shoulder). I thought I would use that image to create a tutorial about cloning, masking and vanishing points. Those tools combined with some perspective understanding makes the process of creating such a composite pretty straightforward.

I use the Thailand background package, which is absolutely stunning for this kind of work.

You can watch the video for the complete tutorial above to see how its done.

Here is a quick before and after, quite amazing, isn’t it?

We also made a short cheat sheet for you below:

  1. Find your vanishing point by following existing lines
  2. Create a rough selection of things you want to clone
  3. Create a duplicate layer with your selection
  4. Hit CTRL+T to transform
  5. Move the transform anchor point to the vanishing point from 1
  6. Press ALT and SHIFT while transforming
  7. Rework the edges
  8. Merge with the background
  9. Repeat 724,000 times

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